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Within a distance of 30-500m around of the main building of zantesuites there are several properties as hotels, bars, restaurants, houses or olive groves. Behind of the main building there is the new site of zantesuites that will be ready within 2018.

The green island of Zakynthos, is rich in fauna and flora. Zakynthos also has many types of flowers  and while these are best viewed in the spring and summer there are flowers in bloom all year round. The forests are rich with birds and many migratory birds stop off at the island for a rest before continuing their journey.

Some times, on your way can see horses, chicken, sheep, birds, dogs, cats, mouses, small lizards, bees, insects etc or  when you are swimming can see small fishes or turtles careta - careta.

At the back of bar facilities there is a property that doesn't belong to Leandros SA.

We don't take and download photos from neihbour buildings and we don't show them in our web site because we don't have their permission.