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Τhe Traditional Zakynthian cuisine, with its wide variety of high quality ingredients and its wisely considered and highly beneficial combinations which encapsulate the knowledge of centuries, enjoys a privileged position in the global culture of taste alternatives.

In Alykana, you can find traditional tavernas with Zakynthian dishes but you can also find  a mix of international cuisine including Italian, British, American. Grill houses offering the traditional Greek souvlaki and pitta. Moreover there are cafes where you can enjoy Greek cheese pies and other pastries or a freshly cooked tasty crepe.

1.Vrisaki (Greek -Med cuisine)

2.The Cosy corner (Greek- English cuisine)

3.Alkyonis Taverna (Greek -international - Med cuisine)

4.The Mill Bar

5.Apollo Restaurant (Greek -international - Med cuisine)

6.Mantalena (Greek -Med cuisine)

8.Elia (Greek -Med cuisine)

9.Dilemma bar

10.Levante(Greek -Med cuisine)

11.En Elladi (Greek -Med cuisine)

12.Golden Dragon Taj Mahal Restaurant (Chinese-Asian-indian)