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If you have a medical condition that needs to be monitored or if you  had an accident or a medical reaction to something you ate or just not feeling well. Check out the information featured below and get your health back to normal.

There is a pharmacy located on the main road close to Letsos Supermarket in Alykanas. There is also a pharmacy in Katastari which is a 10 min from Alykanas.

Moreover there are private doctor’s surgeries in both Alykes and Alykanas but be aware that you will be asked to pay for any treatment and then claim it back on your holiday insurance. There is also a public health centre which is free of charge in the village of Kallithea, about 5km away is fully equipped and staffed 24hrs a day.

Pharmacy Addresses / telephone numbers
Name Address Telephone number
Aktypi Areti Tertseti 19 +302695023504
Venetsanos Alexandros Tzoulati 5 +302695023762
Vitsos Nikolaos (*) Temponera 24 +302695028404
Vitsou Eleni Alexandrou Roma 6 +302695042623
Vorrisi Dionysia Alexandrou Roma 89 +302695045433
Theodosi Paraskevi G. Klavdianou 28 +302695026912
Leftaki – Kefallinou Maria Mothona 16 & Agios Loukas Sq. +302695045284
Manesi Stella Tavoulari 24 +302695044061
Manioudaki – Kefallinou Argyro Foscolou 56 +302695045466
Mouzakis Tzanetos Tavoulari 37 +302695042403
Mpozikis Charalampos Agiou Lazarou 173 +302695041570
Paraschi Marietta Alexandrou Roma 2 +302695027634
Pomoni – Gagaoudaki Roumvini Alexandrou Roma 41 +302695042567
Sakali – Voutou Athanasia Kolyva 118 +302695028462
Nikos-Ioannis Mouzakis Ο.Ε. Agion Saranta Sq. +302695048238
Fragogianni Elisavet Kalvou 80 +302695044153
Chartas Aggelos Tavoulari 60 +302695022300

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